I'm 20 years old and recently found out that I am about 6 weeks pregnant by my ex boyfriend.

I'm 20 years old and recently found out that I am about 6 weeks pregnant by my ex boyfriend. We get on fairly well and still meet up every now and again..
He is 24 and says he is very unsure and confused about what to do and what he wants, but ultimately will support me whatever I decide to do. He works full time, not a great job but we would have good support from my family at least as well.
Some people have been giving their opinions saying that I'd be stupid to have the baby and it must be the hormones making me crazy!
Some people have been very supportive and let me decide for myself what I need to do.
Initially I thought that having an abortion would be what I would do, went straight away booked an appointment but then decided on the day I needed more time. Now I'm due to fly to New Zealand for a couple of months to see my sister and work out there, but time is running out for me to make the decision and I feel so under pressure it's unbelievable.
In my head getting an abortion would be the right thing to do, but in my heart it wouldn't be right and I know I wouldn't forgive myself for what I would have done. It's depressing me so much it's unreal, I can't think about anything else but still am no closer to knowing what to do :(

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I can understand your dilemma, and rationally you are thinking it would be easier and more straight forward to have an abortion and be free to travel.
Your heart feelings are clearly strong to have postponed your appointment, and if you know your heart has still not lined up with your head then you are likely to experience guilt and regret if you decide to go ahead. In the end you have to decide if you can live with this decision long term, or whether the regret will always colour your life in the future.
If you would like to talk this through with a practitioner help is available, for unplanned pregnancy support.,or call the helpline 0300 4000 999.

This story was sent in on 04/11/2014

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