I just turned twenty but found out a week before my birthday that I was 8 weeks pregnant.

By anonymous on 19/09/2008
I just turned twenty but found out a week before my birthday that I was 8 weeks pregnant. I've only been with my partner for nine months and, even though we're still in the 'honeymoon' period of our relationship, we both have agreed that it is not the right time. I'm in my last year of uni, but I can, however, see a way of working things out. I don't believe in terminations in these circumstances as it was our fault for being careless that evening. I don't want lose my boyfriend, even though he said he'd be there. He really wants me to have an abortion. I think my family would support me but I’m afraid to tell them because they will be disappointed, angry, shocked and embarrassed. I love my mum but she is so strict. I'm scared if I hurt her she'll hurt me. Maybe it would be best to just get rid of my baby... Please help me!!!

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…This is really an important time for you. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have all the information about al the options – parenting, abortion and adoption – before you make a decision. Secondly, you need to take time to talk through your thoughts and feelings. Many women are overwhelmed by the difficulty of their circumstances and make decisions based on fear or panic, rather than accurate information and an exploration of all their deepest feelings.

You are obviously feeling the pressure of your external circumstances, but you also are experiencing a sense of ‘I can make this work’ and ‘I don’t believe in terminations in these circumstances’. Please talk it through at your nearest centre as soon as possible, or ring the helpline or use Online Advisor to see what’s possible for you. And have a re-think about telling your mum. She may be strict but ultimately she’s probably only strict out of love for you. We’ll be thinking of you.

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