A poem

By anonymous on 03/11/2008
I am the little life, close to your heart.

Please let me come - never from you to part;

Don't ever let them thrust me out too soon

From the warm shelter of your cosy womb.

I am so small, so weak and need your care,

Please let me stay - your life with me to share;

Hear my faint heartbeats, echo of your own.

While I'm so tiny, don't leave me alone.

Mother, I'll always want to be your own,

Please keep me close to you till I have grown.

I need your love, your smile, your warm embrace.

Don't close your heart to me - look on my face.

See tiny hands stretched out in mute appeal.

Don't brush them to one side, for they are real.

I am a person, and my time will come,

Needing a joyful welcome, and a home.

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