I’ve taken three home pregnancy tests and they have all come up positive.

By anonymous on 20/04/2009
I’ve taken three home pregnancy tests and they have all come up positive. The first person I told was my mum. I knew she would be over the moon hearing the news but I’m at a young age and still living at home. My partner’s parents know about the pregnancy and they’re happy about it. I have told my dad but I could tell that he was upset about it. All I wanted to do is make my dad proud of me and never wanted to let him down but it feels as though I’ve let him down.

Part of me is saying I want to keep the baby and the other part is saying I’m not ready to have children. I have noticed since I’ve told my boyfriend that he’s going to be a dad that we have been getting closer. He’s excited about it all. Now the downside is that I don’t want a abortion because I wont be able to live with the guilt as my cousin has been through it. It has been nearly two years since the abortion and she still regrets it all. My mind is all confused. I just don’t know what to do. My mum has said if I did go through with an abortion, she would kick me out of the house and never want to speak to me again. Please I need some advice. I’m really confused about it all.

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…It sounds like you are surrounded by some quite varied responses to your pregnancy. Sometimes it can be difficult navigating your way through all of these to find your own path. It’s good that you have recognised that there are different messages from different parts of you – the part that says you want to keep the baby and the part that says you’re not ready. It’s very important that you have the opportunity now to talk through all the options and find out as much as you can about parenting, adoption and abortion. You can do this by visiting your nearest pregnancy centre.

At the centre, you’ll also have the opportunity to talk confidentially with someone who understands the emotional aspects you’re experiencing. You’ll be able to explore all your feelings about your circumstances, as well as what you believe about being a mum, when life begins, what you think is right or wrong about any of the choices open to you, and what your instinctive feelings are regarding the pregnancy. All these things will help you in your decision making, enabling you to make up your own mind without fear, panic or pressure. Ongoing support will be available to you whatever your decision. Be brave, get in touch.

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