Hi, yesterday I found out that I am pregnant.

By anonymous on 22/05/2009
Hi, yesterday I found out that I am pregnant. I don’t know how far I am as my periods have never been stable. Thing is, I have a huuuuge dilemma. I have two babies already - one 6 year old and a 4 year old. I had them with my ex-husband. We split a year ago....... I have met someone else. I have been with him on and off for a year or so. I don’t really know what to do now. He told me he would prefer it if I had an abortion as he feels too young (he is 25) and he feels that he is not financially stable to bring up a baby. He also says he would stick by me if I kept it. However I don’t know if he is just saying that? I feel also he would leave me if I had a termination so that I don’t get pregnant again. I am also worried as to what my parents would say. They will kill me! Deep deep down though, I do want it and I feel that we could muddle through. Is anyone else in this situation?

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…It sounds as if you are afraid that the relationship would not survive either a pregnancy or a termination. Unfortunately, we don’t have the level of control over our lives that we would sometimes like…every relationship has an element of risk attached to it. That’s why making a decision about a pregnancy based on the quality of your relationship is not always wise.

It’s important for you to consider this pregnancy on its own merits, from a heart perspective, rather than one based on circumstances, fear or pressure from someone else. It would help you to talk it through with someone at your nearest centre, or ring the helpline. You’ll be able to check if you have all the information about all the options available to you, and have the opportunity to talk through your deeper feelings, so that you can make an informed decision – one that you can live with.

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