Finally, I told him yesterday I was pregnant, and his support is truly appreciated.

By anonymous on 08/01/2010
I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my ex boyfriend's baby. I just found out yesterday, and up until this point, I had kept him in the dark. I wanted his support during my period of anxiety and turmoil, wondering if I was pregnant or not, but I just couldn't let him in because we weren't together anymore and I felt the love we shared, which would have been enough to bridge the tragedy of this situation, was no longer there. Finally, I told him yesterday I was pregnant, and his support is truly appreciated. He's the only person I can honestly tell how I feel, seeing as he's involved as well, in a truly different way than any of my friends can be. He asked me to call him, and over the phone we cried together about our baby, and the sadness of facing this difficult choice together. His support is all I ever wanted. He gave it to me fully after I explained how sad I was concerning the upcoming abortion. He said before I let him know how I felt, he didn't think of it as a baby, or see the situation as 'any skin off his back,' but when I finally let him see my grieving heart, and all the sadness that lay within it, he understood. He asked me to say Goodbye for him, because we live in different cities, and it broke my heart when he told me he wished he could put his hand on my stomach. Although this is the hardest position I've ever been in, and the worst decision I've had to make in my young 21 years, his support has helped me feel not so utterly and devastatingly alone. I know I will once again feel the warm, forgiving sun's rays on my face; Heaven bestowing upon me the peace and mercy which will grace my broken heart.

Editor's Comment:-

You sound heartbroken at the thought of losing your unborn child, and I am very sorry this is such a traumatic decision for you. I am sure you have thought about your options, but I wonder whether it would help you to talk through your decision before you finally go ahead. If you only found out yesterday, you may have made a quick decision to try and resolve a difficult situation. Perhaps looking at your options again would help to make things clearer, particularly if you have a lot of sadness and regret at the thought of ending the pregnancy.You are welcome to ring the helpline or contact a local centre. You will be given counselling without any pressure or judgement, and support from someone who will listen to you objectively.

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