I am 23 and in a mess

By anonymous on 20/04/2010
Hello. I am 23 and in a mess and I am aware of my actions but I can't change what has happened. I was seeing a guy who later told me he was seeing someone else. Yet after he told me this we slept together a week later, and I took the morning after pill but it failed so now I am 6-7weeks pregnant. The thing is that the 3 of us all know each other through work.
I've always been against abortion but now it's real I'm not so sure. I think you have to consider the situation ie I am in my last year of a masters course, I live at home, no finances etc. also my sister has recently lost her baby due to natural causes. I know the situation it was conceived in was bad and I am aware I deserve it and I have learnt from my actions. However, now I am in the situation of not knowing what to do.

My mind keeps changing day to day

Currently I'm now swaying to abortion, but worried about how I will feel after, and in time to come. I have an appointment booked at the clinic on weds so I still have time. I've seen a CC counsellor today and emailing them as well but still unsure. I think I could manage, but it would mean holding my own life back for a few years, and at the moment I'd rather not have to stay at home for another 5yrs with a child and I know some see that as selfish but I also have to look at my needs.

Editor's Comment

You sound as though you are still very uncertain about your decision, and however hard it may feel to wait, I think it's important to be sure about this before you go ahead. You cannot turn the clock back once you have had an abortion, and it is very hard to live with regret from a decision you feel was wrong after you go through with it. talk it through with someone independent again. You can ring the national helpline, or go and see your Careconfidential counsellor again.

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