My husband is totally against having this baby

By anonymous on 20/04/2010
I am 29 years old and am 7 weeks pregnant with my third child.
My husband and I already have two children (10 and 6) and always used contraception. My husband is totally aginst having this baby, his first words when I told him were "how soon can you arrange a termination?"
I know things would be difficult, he has just started a new business and we have some financial difficulties, but I really want to keep this baby.
I'm booked to have a termination next week and the closer it gets the more stressed I'm getting. I can't talk to my husband and no-one else knows. I feel guilty all the time and am constantly feel like crying. My husband says it's just hormones but it's not.
I feel pressured to go through with this and I don't know what to do.

Editor's Comment

It is important that you make a decision you are both comfortable with. If you are feeling so unhappy and stressful about the idea of having an abortion you should not go through with it despite your husband's reaction. If you do this to please him it will be something that you resent in the future, especially if you struggle with the abortion afterwards. You can get help from a trained advisor - find your nearest unplanned pregnancy help.

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