I couldn't have an abortion because I'm against it

By anonymous on 02/09/2010
I'm 21 years old, going on my senior year of college also my last year of softball. About a month ago my best friend got married and the night of her bachelorette party I became extremely intoxicated and ended up hooking up with one of her friends.
Although I don't remember really anything about it I remembered the fact that I was dumb enough to not make him wear a condom.

2 big pink lines for positive

After going 2 weeks w/o my period and eating like a horse, along with weird unusual cramping pains I finally decided to take a test, and there it was 2 big pink lines for positive, I didn't believe it so I took 2 more test, also positive.
I text'd my friend right then and she told the guy, he called me telling me he wanted an abortion and at the time being scared, shocked, and out of my mind I agreed.

I couldn't have an abortion because I'm against it

After being restless all night and not being able to sleep I sat up and thought about everything that I would have to give up in order to keep the baby, and that I couldn't have an abortion because I'm against it and its not the baby's fault. I told the father that and he flipped out saying that he's not ready for a kid that I have to get rid of it its the only option, even after I told him I don't want a thing from him he still said I had to get it done. I refuse to let him talk me into it because he is being selfish and inconsiderate, I'm the one giving up everything to be responsible for my mistake, not him. I think all guys need to take that into consideration.

Editor's Comment

It is the hardest thing to choose to continue a pregnancy after an intoxicated one night stand, and I'm sure many women would have chosen to end the pregnancy. Knowing that you were against abortion and prepared to take responsibility, you took a very brave decision to continue the pregnancy. This was the right decision for you if abortion is a decision you would never feel comfortable with. I hope you have a strong support network around you to give you the help and support that you need.

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