Pregnant at 14

I am 15 years old now. I got pregnant in 2011 (I was 14 y/o) and abandoned by my boyfriend. I was only 2 WEEKS pregnant when I told my mom, I was surprised at that time because she didn't say anything but she cried and said she was ready to help me. I was expecting that she might get angry with me but thanks to God He gave me a very understanding parents.
I dropped out of school (I was 3rd yr highschool), but Lord didn't left me, my mom knew a SHELTER, GRACE TO BE BORN at Pasig City. This is for Woman in Crisis shelter. It helped me a lot, they made me a better person and remove all my traumas. 2012 finally I gave birth to a very handsome baby boy. And now I'm still facing more challenges, but I know God gave this everything to me to make me more than my past. Now this coming friday, I'm graduating my fourth year level at highschool. :)) I hope you won't give up.

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I'm glad you have turned your life around, and it is good that you have been able to pick up on your education again.

This story was sent in on 17/03/2013

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