I said 'yes' and had unprotected sex with some 18 year old guy

By anonymous on 23/05/2013
One night at the age of 15 I was just roaming the streets drinking, smoking and just thinking nothing would go wrong with a large group of friends. It got later and later into the night when we all decided to go back and chill at this girl's house. I thought it would be a better idea than roaming the streets.
We all got to this girl's house and this guy wanted to get in with me and have sex. I was drinking so at the time had no idea what was really going on. I said 'yes' and had unprotected sex with some 18 year old guy I have never ever met before.
The next day he was worrying for me when we woke up and said, 'look I didn't wear a condom are you on the pill?' I said 'no'.
When it passed to a week later I started getting dizzy and feeling faint and I thought I may have been pregnant or I was just dizzy from hardly any sleep. I decided to go and get a pregnancy test and fair enough I was pregnant. I was devastated and had no clue what to do, but cry. I ended up telling a school counsellor who told my mother for me.
I stayed in school until I was almost ready to pop as I loved school and wanted to get the most of my education before my baby was born.
The night was a night I will remember and being pregnant was super hard. I am now 17 with a beautiful 1 and half year old little boy.
Roaming the streets and drinking with friends and getting yourself into these situations are not good and that's what leads to teen pregnancy these days. If any girl ever gets in a situation like this just keep your head high because if you don't know the guy from a bar of soap, you won't be able to contact him to tell him. He won't stick around and help you, so it's harder than you think but I did it and got through the hard times, and I love my son more then anything...

Editor's Comment

You have been very courageous having a baby in your teens in those circumstances, and I am glad it has worked out for you and you are happy with your beautiful son. It must have been a hard lesson to learn, and I hope that anyone reading your post will realise how risky it is to be drinking too much and then agree to unprotected sex.

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