My husband wants me to abort the baby

I am 9 weeks pregnant. It is my first pregnancy and totally unplanned. I have been married for 3 months and my husband's salary is not enough to support a baby. He does not want it and wants me to abort the baby. I don't want to abort because I am worried about future risks. I am also not happy because it was time for me to build up my career, but I want to keep this baby as I feel it is God's will.
I have been feeling lonely and isolated because my husband is not happy with me. He has said that after the baby has arrived he will leave me. I can't except this. I feel very worried all the time and can't seem to concentrate on anything. What can I do now? How can I convince my husband that abortion is not the option I want to choose. I can't seem to find any way.

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It is difficult finding out that you are pregnant so soon after getting married and I can understand your uncertainty with money and a career. If you feel strongly that you want to keep the baby I think you should hold onto this, because being pressurised into abortion can lead to a lot of regrets. It is hard to know if your husband will come round to your way of thinking but it would really help if you could talk about it together with a pregnancy practitioner. You could look on the website to see if there is a pregnancy centre near you find a centre for crisis pregnancy support in your area.

This story was sent in on 09/10/2013

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