Hi, my name is C. I’m 15 and I am seven months pregnant with a little girl.

Hi, my name is C. I’m 15 and I am seven months pregnant with a little girl. My boyfriend is 19. When I told my mom they said I had two choices. I could either get an abortion or I could walk out the door. I chose to walk out the door.

I am now living with my boyfriend and he said we are going to raise this baby together. I am constantly doubting that. He is really in to the whole baby thing. He is buying clothes and everything. I am worried that he is going to walk out and leave me with the baby. What do I do?

Editor’s note: Thank you for writing in…You seem to have been a very strong person to make the choice you did. Perhaps you are feeling a little insecure after making such a big decision and are afraid of being on your own. You may also be feeling unsupported and rejected by your parents, I suspect, and that hurts... It's quite natural that you're apprehensiv about whether your boyfriend means what he says.

You boyfriend sounds as if he is taking this decision seriously and doing the best he can to provide for you and this child. That’s a wonderful thing, even if he doesn’t yet fully realise the responsibility involved. Both of you need ongoing support during this time.

I think you may be in the States, rather than the UK, so please call Optionline on 800-395-HELP. They will counsel and support you through your pregnancy and into parenthood. Keep going – you can do it. You can be good parents if you're willing to learn and receive help from others with regard to your relationship and how to look after your baby. We'll be thinking of you.

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