I'm keeping my baby but what about accommodation & college

By anonymous on 24/03/2009

I’m 17 years old and have been with my boyfriend for two years now. He is 20 years old.

Last week I found out I am pregnant.

We told our parents and while his were supportive, mine were not.

I' m worried about how things are going to turn out because he's not got a job at the moment. However, he is doing everything he can to try and get one.

I really don’t think I could have an abortion. The baby is a part of me and he/she has a tiny heart beat and little fingers and toes and, after reading up on pregnancy and babies, I think keeping the baby would be the right thing to do.

But I am getting very stressed out thinking about where we are going to be able to live and if we will have enough money and how I can carry on at college.

My boyfriend is telling me it is all going to be ok and is very excited but I can’t help thinking it’s not going to work..!

Editor’s note:

Thanks for writing in…

You seem to understand that there’s something deep down inside you that cannot face having an abortion and you have decided together that, despite the difficult circumstances, you are going to pursue the pregnancy.

This takes courage and you have much to overcome, so I want to encourage you to visit a centre and find some extra support.

With friendly long term support and advice, you will have a better chance of seeing this through. You need to know exactly what is available for you both in terms of finance and housing and your education.

Contact your nearest centre and go together to talk about your situation. The advisor will be able to see you throughout your pregnancy and beyond, helping you to sort out your situation.

You’ve had the courage to go with what your hearts are saying about your pregnancy – you deserve all the help that’s available.

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