She decided it wasn't the right time and had an abortion leaving me heartbroken

By anonymous on 19/03/2011

I was 16 when I found out my girlfriend was pregnant.

We were so in love and it's something we talked about for the future but she decided it wasn't time and chose an abortion leaving me heartbroken.

It's been just over a year and I still cry at night. I regret not telling her how I honestly felt.
3 months ago she cheated and left me now I'm left with this on my own.

To anyone who reads this contemplating what you do please be honest and listen to whatever your heart tells you, you can't bury it, believe me, I've tried.

Editor's comment

I'm sorry you are still struggling to come to terms with your loss. I can imagine that at 16 you were both confused and shocked about the pregnancy, and perhaps did not think through your decision with all the information about abortion. If you are still grieving this loss you can receive help. Have a look at this page to find your nearest post-abortion support.

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