I miscarried my baby this morning.

By anonymous on 07/06/2013
I miscarried my baby this morning. I was exactly 5 weeks pregnant. I had only found out 2-3 days sooner that I was even pregnant! My period was a week late and that is what caused me to test...that and the fact that my body definitely felt different and my boobs were feeling like they were being twisted from the inside. Anyway, I noticed some very light spotting and called my doctor to verify that all was ok, and the nurse reassured me that it was, and gave me some tips of what to look for in case I needed to go to the hospital for pain/significant bleeding.

The bleeding continued and I passed a couple of clots. I remember looking at the first clot and thinking to myself, 'well, there she is....' Somehow, I knew. The bleeding continued through the night, but there was never any pain. I was able to sleep. When I woke up the next day, I called my doctor again and was told instantly to go the ER. I did, and thankfully the company of a dear friend pulled me through. The staff was wonderful and so supportive. They drew labs, did ultrasounds, and were able to verify for sure that I had miscarried my baby. My HCG was only 5 :( They admitted that they were shocked that upon their looking at the ultrasound, that everything was completely clean and I'd had little to no pain to show for it.

Becoming pregnant was not something I had anticipated, planned for, or was even sure I wanted. But, regardless, I was going to take care of this baby....and when I learned I'd lost her, I was heartbroken. I am writing this as I hope it helps me to get it out, but I hope it also helps others.

I send blessings and wishes to all of you and HUGE hugs. I know how painful it is and am praying I can get my feet back under me soon.

Editor's Comment

Miscarriage is a painful loss even in the early stages of pregnancy, and it sometimes takes people by surprise even when it is an unplanned pregnancy. The shock of going through this loss and the medical involvement can take some time to process, and the hormonal changes add to this emotion. You will need to give yourself time to recover from this and you may well grieve your loss for some time to come. if you need some support please contact Online advisor for support around miscarriage.

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