I found out last Monday I was pregnant

By anonymous on 14/03/2014
Recently I found out last Monday I was pregnant. I was happy but in shocked and confused didn't know what to say! I have two beautiful kids and a wonderful husband. So that night told them that we are having another baby and that my kids were going to have a sister or brother. Mind you guys my kids are 12 and 9. The excitement that we were going to have another joy to our family!

Well that week on Friday I woke up slightly bleeding pinkish I told my husband you have to take me to the ER something isn't right. I get there they take my blood test and do a sono and pelvic exam. I'm asking the nurse who is doing my sono "Can you see my baby" he told me I can't tell you anything the dr. will tell you. After my sono is done he wheels me back to the room while me and my son chill, 20 minutes later the dr comes in and asks my son to step out the room for a minute.

This was the saddest news ever he tells me the baby heart beat stopped and I'm having miscarriage. I felt numb and heart broken words couldn't explain it. I started crying and the dr. told me that I will start bleeding more this weekend. I was a mess words couldn't ever explain it. Over the weekend I was cramping and in pain nothing came no blood or anything, so I had called the dr to make an appointment the got me in for Wednesday. When Wednesday came around never forget the dr had given me 3 options. 1 was let it take its course and that will take weeks. 2 insert the pill in me which may have a risk and 3 put you under and may cause risks too. I had picked number 2 she inserted the pills in my vagina and laid there for 45 minutes seems like forever on the bed. As soon I was done they sent me home. When I got home I started bleeding so much and cramps that hurt me so much. It all started coming out Big clots back to back. I was an emotional wreck because I still had the pregnancy hormones in me. Over all I am taking this day by day and having positive people around me. My body is in the healing process right now. I know that I gained an angel and blessed to have two beautiful kids!

Editor's Comment

That is very sad to have such a surprise event ending in miscarriage. It will take time to come to terms with your loss, and you will need to give yourself time and rest to grieve for your baby.

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