I lost my twins at 18 weeks pregnant

By anonymous on 05/05/2014
On April 2, 2011 I lost my twins at 18 weeks pregnant. It was the hardest thing I've ever dealt with. I was 26 years old and I was in such a complicated place in my life. I had lost my mother at 12 years old and I had a deep hole missing ever since then. I wanted my babies so badly to fill that hole and when I lost them it felt like I just lost everything. I was not married and the father did not even show up at the hospital during my 8 hours labor. I remember actually praying to God every night for a while and asking him let this be the night that you don't wake me up please. I felt so hopeless and alone.
The biggest message I want to get across to a woman who has gone through this is I came out on the other end stronger than I've ever been. You are not broken you are not a failure and you are not doomed. I say those things because those are all the things I felt when the doctor's told me I have an incompetent cervix. I felt like I was the cause of my babies not living because they were alive up until the time after they were born. I had to work hard at rebuilding myself as a person to understand what happened and to understand that it wasn't my fault. I started a Youtube channel to spread motivation and empowerment to young and older women and let them know that no matter what goes on in your life the right choice is to be empowered and always have faith that a better day is coming tomorrow. #beblessed #beencouraged youtube.com/user/Mounina

Editor's Comment

Doing something positive like your Youtube channel can really help you to move on from such a traumatic event in your life. Well done for turning your life round so positively.

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