We had been trying for a baby since July 2013.

By anonymous on 15/08/2014
We had been trying for a baby since July 2013. The doctors began fertility blood tests in June 2014 and on the 14th June 2014 I found out I was pregnant. The baby would be due 30th March 2015, two months before we get married. We were over the moon! This baby would be so loved. On Thursday 14th August exactly a month since the positive test my world came crashing down. It all started on Monday 11th August at 11am when I had a pink tinge to my wee. I didn't think much of it until the next morning, when I now had light bleeding. The GP told me to bed rest and relax. By the end of Tuesday evening we were visiting a&e due to backache and bleeding. The doctors took bloods, a urine sample, the lovely doctor tried scanning me but the scanner was new and she wasn't trained. They booked me in for an emergency scan on Friday. On Thursday morning I was woken at 5.30am with terrible contractions and much heavier red/fresh blood. I wasn't expecting contractions; we were timing them and they were getting closer together each time. We took another trip to a&e and they booked me in for an emergency scan that afternoon. We went home in the meantime. By 10am the contraction were regular and I was breathing with the pain. An hour later I felt an urge to push, panicking I ran to the toilet with another urge to push and delivered my baby on the toilet at 7 weeks 3 days. I have never felt such pain and hurt. My partner and I just sat and cried. We feel empty and angry.

Editor's Comment

That is very sad and I can understand your reactions of anger and grief after waiting so long to conceive. It is hard to know why these things happen and nothing can take away the raw feelings of pain and sadness at your loss. I hope that in time this will feel a little less and you will be able to start looking towards the future again. Please contact CareConfidential for more support 0300 4000 999.

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