It was because of my stress and the drinking I did earlier in the pregnancy

Hi I just turned 16... I got involved with this guy and I know I shouldn't have. I'm an army brat.

The guy who I didn't know yet had gotten me pregnant had just moved with his family when I found out that I was going to be having a baby.

I didn't tell him or anyone else.

Before I took the test I was having a really hard time I started drinking heavily because I was very depressed.

When I found out I was pregnant and went to the doctor I was ten weeks in. I kept it all to myself until I could figure things out.

I found out at twelve weeks I was having a baby boy and that he was healthy and I loved him so much.

I was planning tell my mom and the father very soon.

Almost a week later I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible pains and I was bleeding. I didn't tell anyone.

I called a friend and he took me to the hospital where I found out that I was going to lose him.

I went through it all by myself.

It was because of my stress and all of the drinking I did earlier in the pregnancy, before I knew.

It's been a month since I lost my baby boy. I'm having a really hard time. I still haven't told my mom or the father. And I can't get over this pain.

Rest in peace my little Holden Lee. I guess god has better plans for you.

This story was sent in on 22/07/2014

Editor's comment

It is easy to blame yourself for what has happened but in truth this may have happened even if you had not been drinking heavily.

If you would like some miscarriage support it is available - click the link for centres providing miscarriage support.

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