Ectopic pregnancy.

The worst week of my life! I started feeling weak and dizzy all the time but then I ignored the signs and thought they would pass.
The following day I woke up with sharp pains and my boyfriend took me to hospital. We were then rushed for a scan and were told that I had an ectopic pregnancy. I didn't know what it was and we were rushed to the theatre room. I was there for four hours then went to the wards and my 3 week baby was gone...everyday I cry when I think about it. Worst time of my life!

Editor's Comment

An ectopic pregnancy is an emergency and unfortunately the pregnancy cannot develop and your life was at risk. I am sure you are feeling a great sense of grief and sadness after a loss like this, and you cannot prepare for such a crisis. I'm sure it will take you a while to get over your loss, and it may help to have some counselling. for baby loss support.

This story was sent in on 04/09/2014

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I feel sharing our story could be very therapeutic and hope others are in some way comforted to know they're not alone…

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