Fifteen months ago I found out I was a pregnant 14 yr old!

By anonymous on 25/05/2007
Fifteen months ago I found out I was a pregnant 14 yr old! I was terrified because it was my first time and it was with my best friend and because we had used protection! I didn't know what my mom would do because she is a single mom herself and I didn't think she would let me stay with her. I was terrified.

My mom had my twin older brothers, who are seniors and 17 yrs old when she was 16 and to this day she doesn't know who the father is. When my mom was 19 she had triplets, 2 girls and one boy- I am one of the girls- and my father denies me and my sis and bro. We are the only kids and my mom always told us we are so special she wouldn't want to share us, so I assumed she wouldn’t want me to be a bad influence so she would kick me out! Luckily my mom understood after I had hid from her for two months that I had taken four home pregnancy kits that all came back positive! She said she already knew from the fact that I was sick all the time and my boobs hurt a lot! She made me tell my best friend (we were best friends since I was 2) that he was the father and she would tell my siblings! The father- my best bud- didn't care but his parents understood and were proud that they could be grandparents since he was their only child and my siblings were ecstatically happy!

Seven months later I gave birth to identical twin girls with his whole family there and my only family is my mom and siblings because we don't know our fathers and my moms family pretty much disowned her after they found out she was pregnant again! It must not have gotten her down because she put herself through college and now makes a lot of money as an obstetrician-gynaecologist - hopefully to put us through college! My mom said she always wanted us to have anything we wanted and not be deprived of anything we truly wanted!

I was able to keep my babies who are 6 months old and happy babies! We added a huge addition on to our house since I found out I was pregnant! We already had 6 bedrooms on our house and we added another (3rd) floor with 4 bedrooms. We also added a 4th floor and since it’s a tiny floor, it’s the playroom. The second floor now has a guest room because I moved to the 3rd floor with the twins who each have their own bedroom and the 4th room is for the father who sleeps over on weekends and has dinner at our house to see the girls! He promises me we will get married one day and be a happy family with our own house and I hope so too!

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