I am 19 and had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago

I am 19 & I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend.
He doesn't think he can have babies as he is 25 & has had unprotected sex with a few girls before.
He came in me two weeks ago and now my period has not come although there is still 5 days left of the month, so I still might start.
I'm worried because I am having pregnancy symptoms & my face just randomly broke out really bad & I don't know why. Usually right before my period I get a few pimples but not many, it has never been this many.
I don't know what to do or what to think.
My periods which usually start in the middle of the month have been waiting until just about the last day of the month to start now for a few months it has done this. I'm concerned so I took a cheap pregnancy test today & it was negative. Is it too soon to take one? Am I just being paranoid? I need advice..

Editor's Comment

Any incident of unprotected sex can result in pregnancy so it is very important to use contraception every time. However, you don't usually get pregnancy symptoms after 2 weeks so it is unlikely that symptoms you have noticed are due to pregnancy. A pregnancy test usually shows up a day or two after a missed period, or 2-3 weeks after conception. I suggest you wait until you think your period is due and then take another pregnancy test, or get one done at a pregnancy centre.for support around unprotected sex.

This story was sent in on 26/09/2012

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