A secret abortion.

By anonymous on 11/10/2012
I found that I was pregnant 2 months ago and I knew it was not my boyfriend who made me pregnant. I decided to have an abortion. My real boyfriend was there with me even after I had told him about my pregnancy.
My mother found out and she begged me not to do the abortion because she really did love my boyfriend.
My boyfriend had to lie to my mom and pretend to be the baby's father but still my mom didn't understand why do I want to do abortion because she knew how much I loved my boyfriend and we have been together for 4 year.
After the abortion things became very hard for me to handle. I even failed at school always thinking about the innocent soul I had killed as time goes on I began to experience some problems with my vagina it used to get so red and itch for quite some time. I think maybe I have an STD and I'm scared to go to the doctor. What if they say I'm HIV positive that will mean even my boyfriend is positive. I could have infected the poor guy simply because he really did love me.

Editor's Comment

This is a very difficult secret for you and your boyfriend to keep. It sounds as though you had a fling that you now regret, but you are having to live with very painful consequences. I think you should consider having the courage to tell your mother the truth so that you don't have to keep up the lie that she is believing at the moment. You should also go to your local GUM clinic and get screened to put your mind at rest about STI's. Don't fear the worst before you have been tested there are a number of other reasons for symptoms like the ones you are getting.

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