I fell pregnant at 15 and I was scared to tell my family.

By anonymous on 23/12/2012
I fell pregnant at 15 and I was scared to tell my family. I was in residential care at the time and thought that everything was gonna be bad but it actually turned out to be good.
My mum and dad were angry at first but then why get angry as it's happened now and it's not gonna go away. Then they both came around and they bought me baby stuff.
When I went into labour it wasn't that bad even though people told me it was gonna be painful and that I would be screaming. I had a healthy girl who weighted 7.11 she was 7 days late but she is so perfect and stunning and I couldn't change her for the world. I missed out so much and raising a baby is a bit hard and you miss out a lot of stuff. I am 17 now and my wee baby girl is getting bigger but I love her xxxxxxxx but 15 was a young age xxxxx

Editor's Comment

Thanks for telling us your story. It highlights the good things as well as your feelings about missing out having a baby so young. Hopefully you will still be able to catch up on those things you missed out on.

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