I'm 15, had unprotected sex, and am one and a half weeks late

By anonymous on 13/12/2013

I've just turned 15 in November! 

I had unprotected sex a few times with my ex in November, and I'm a week and a half late!

I've been getting back pains and have been getting tired more and more often!

I'm planning on taking a pregnancy test tomorrow, but I'm just too scared!

Editor's comment

It is important to find out if you are pregnant. Perhaps there is a friend or family member you could confide in and ask them to be with you while you do the test. Alternatively, you could go to a pregnancy centre or young person's clinic to have the test done for you. If you are pregnant, talking it through with someone will help you to think about your options, and get the support you need. Follow this link to find free support around unprotected sex and unplanned pregnancy.

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