I’m 15, just split up with my boyfriend and found out a couple of days later I was pregnant.

By anonymous on 31/08/2007
I’m 15, just split up with my boyfriend and found out a couple of days later I was pregnant. I told my mum which was the hardest thing to do. She was really angry and she’s giving me a load of cr*p that I don't need. She tries to hide me inside because she thinks it’s an embarrassment.

I told my ex-boyfriend as soon as I found out and he has been constantly making excuses as to why he can't be there for me. He says he still cares but after I cheated on him a while back, he can't touch me again.

I went to the doctor’s with my mum immediately and now have an appointment for the abortion. It should just be under nine weeks so I can still get a medical abortion. There was never any chance of me keeping the baby, as my life is a mess enough at the moment as it is.

I'm going to be pregnant on my 16th birthday! No party for me.

I'm worried and scared and have to go back to school next week and only a few of my close friends know about it. Most of all, however, I find it too difficult not having my ex- boyfriend here for me. Now I regret drifting apart from him and rowing and splitting up in the first place...

Editor’s note: Thank you for writing in…You really are feeling alone and unsupported, aren’t you? It’s very common for parents to feel a sense of embarrassment about their daughter’s pregnancy and your mum is obviously feeling it strongly. It might help if you asked your mum to read the ‘My teenage daughter is pregnant’ page on this website. I don’t know what other difficulties you are facing at home, but it may help you to have a more positive conversation about how you’re both feeling. Your mum is probably feeling all sorts of things – disappointment, fear, shame, sadness and anger, but she may come to see that you need her right now.

It’s important for you to make contact with a centre – you can find the nearest one to you on this website. I know it’s scary, but you’ll find people who will support and help you (and your mum) through this difficult time.

You don’t say how you feel about having an abortion. It sounds as if you just see the ‘mess’ your life is in and can’t consider anything else, but it’s important that you look at all the options thoroughly and find out what’s possible. We often think abortion is the only way out. If you’ve read any of the stories on this site, you may notice that many women report emotional problems afterwards so it is also important that you find out what your deeper feelings are saying before you go ahead. Exploring your deeper feelings will help you make an informed decision rather than one based on fear or panic or feeling that things will only get worse if you go through with the pregnancy.

For a pre-abortion check, ring the helpline or visit your nearest centre as soon as possible. We’ll be thinking of you. Let us know how you get on.

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