What are my chances of getting pregnant on the pill.

By anonymous on 03/01/2014
Hello, I'm on birth control and have been taking it religiously for the past 2 months.
My partner and I recently had unprotected sex, however he did not ejaculate inside me.
Lately it feels like there's something stuck in my throat and I have a weird sensation in my abdomen and sore breast. I just want to know, what are my chances of getting pregnant on the pill? And should I take plan b as a back up? Please help thanks :)

Editor's Comment

The pill is a safe form of contraception if you take it as prescribed. It is still possible to get pregnant while taking the pill but quite unusual. Using condoms as well is a good idea because it gives you protection from sexually transmitted infections as well as added contraception. It is worth doing a pregnancy test to rule this out but I think it is unlikely that you have become pregnant on the pill.for support around unprotected sex.

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