I'm 17 years old and 5 weeks pregnant.

I'm 17 years old, still in high school, and utterly terrified. I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant on the 6th. The father of the baby, at first, begged for me to have an abortion even though he got me pregnant on purpose. It was to the point where he was threatening me to get the abortion, "or else." I told my mom and she's extremely supportive in my decision to keep the baby. I'm just scared that I won't love this baby like a mother should since I'm so young and there's so much I wanted to do. I desperately want to love and care for this baby. I'm not sure I'm ready to "throw away my life" like everyone describes it. But I know I have to. Everything will be okay in the end, right?

Editor's Comment

I think it will be hard work for you but if you have the right support I'm sure you will do fine. People talk about 'throwing your life away' and perhaps you will lose your teenage years, but it is possible to complete your education and have a career with a child. It will just be harder work sorting out child care and investing in your child as well as yourself.

This story was sent in on 10/03/2014

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