I'm so scared of getting her pregnant

By anonymous on 31/12/2014
My friend and I got horny; she lost total control of her self; though I was able to pull back; but on struggling with her I touched my penis which I later touched her sex organ with the same finger. It happened the day she ended her period. I am 17 and she's 19, and I'm so scared of her getting pregnant, she has been telling me she has lost her appetite, she's becoming lean, and her stomach pains her. I am just so scared. It happened on 26th December, 2014.

Editor's Comment

It would be very unlikely to get pregnant in the way you are describing, although if you had penetrative sex sperm can leak out before the final ejaculation. To be safe you should always use a condom during the whole act, and your friend would be wise to get a long acting contraception that she can stop when she wants to get pregnant. You are welcome to call the helpline to talk this through 0300 4000 999.

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