I am 14 and one month pregnant with my bad boyfriend's baby.

By anonymous on 01/01/2015
I am 14 and early December I was talking to this 16 year old guy I met on hot or not. We talked for a few weeks constantly and then he asked me to go camping with him. I asked my parents and they immediately said no and never wanted me to talk to him. A week later I was upset that I wasn't allowed to go and a few other reasons and I ran off. I walked for hours talking on the phone to him and talking about running away forever. He convinced me to go back home for that night, because he had work, and leave tomorrow after school on the train to Penrith. That's what I did so I packed my school bag with clothes and other things and the next day I caught 2 trains to get to Penrith - It took so long! It was dark when I got there and he met me at the station and we walked to his house. My parents had been texting me because they are very overprotective of me and wanted to know where I was. I switched my phone off and we watched a movie. We did it which was my very first time and then his brother walked in saying there was people here to see me. I have no clue how my parents found me but they did and they were standing at the door along with 3 other cops. I told them I was just his friend and had to convince them we didn't have sex or my dad was going to send this guy to jail because I was under age. We got home and my parents went through all my things and found out that I'm not as innocent as they thought I was. The days kept getting worst and my depression I already had took a bad turn. I had morning sickness a few weeks later and got scared so I took a pregnancy test. It came out positive and I cried! I had always wanted kids and didn't mind if I was a teen mum but because of this whole situation I felt horrible. I told my best friend on messages and my dad found out and came barging into my room that night. I denied the whole thing, sex, pregnancy, drugs, all of it and said I was joking. He believed me but I feel so stupid for not telling him then. I am 14 and one month pregnant with my bad boyfriend's baby who will get arrested when my parents find out! What do I do!

Editor's Comment

It sounds as though you are in a crisis situation, and you need some help and support. You can get this by logging into Online advisor confidentially, for unplanned pregnancy support. or calling the national helpline 0300 4000 999.
As you are under age there could be some repercussions on the legal side although if your boyfriend is really only 16 this is unlikely to be a too serious.
You will need to think through your pregnancy options and get help in deciding what you are going to choose. Your parents or another responsible adult that you trust can help you with this but you will need to be brave and tell them what has happened. I suggest you talk it through with a pregnancy practitioner and then make a plan.

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