We used protection, could I still be pregnant?

By anonymous on 02/01/2015

Hello. I'm 14 and my boyfriend is 16... So before my period came we had protected sex and we used a condom. So I got my period, it was the normal, heavy, with blood clots, and with a pimple (I always get a pimple when I'm on my cycle). 

So after that I felt totally fine, but then a couple of days ago I started feeling weird, like tired, and a got a decrease in my appetite, and gas. That's really the only symptoms I've had.

What makes me think that I could be pregnant is that I've read online that you could still be pregnant and have a period. I can't go and get a pregnancy test without my mother finding out, because she will kill me.

So could I be pregnant? It's like when I started thinking about being pregnant my body started changing, but once my period came I was back to same normal me...

Editor's comment

If you used a condom during the whole time you were having sex, and you had a normal period, it is unlikely you could be pregnant. I would say that a sexual relationship under 16 when your boyfriend is over 16 could get you into trouble, as it is illegal. If you are having a sexual relationship then I would suggest you use another contraception as well as condoms because there may be a higher failure rate for teenagers using condoms. However they do give you some protection against STIs. If you would like to talk more or need support please contact a centre.

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