Take responsibility for your actions, or adoption is another option

By Caitlyn

I got pregnant at 15, my child's father is 21. I am now 16 and due September 6, 2015! She is a little girl named Ava Lynn.

I am doing this on my own. I live alone and support myself as well as go to school, and its hard. But my advice on teenage pregnancy? Either grow up and take responsibility for your actions, or adoption is another option.

Abortion is a woman's choice, but one that should only be made if it is medically necessary. It can be scary, and it messes with your body later in life. People might hate on you and judge you, But you CAN do it!!

Don't let what others say waiver your choice on a child's life!! and if you can't, someone else can, and would love to.

Caitlyn sent this story in on 07/05/2015

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