What should I do? I am only thirteen.

By anonymous on 31/10/2008
What should I do? I am only thirteen. I don’t know what to do. I am scared of the outcome, what it would be. I am scared to take a pregnancy test. I don’t want to do it. Can you help me? What should I do? I am really scared. All my friends are telling me to do it and if it’s positive, get rid of it before my social worker or anybody finds out. Help me please. I am getting so stressed.

Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…You are obviously extremely worried by what might be happening to you. The best thing to do is to tell your social worker or another trusted adult that you suspect you are pregnant. They can then arrange for you to have a pregnancy test done. It is too much for you to go through this alone. Friends the same age cannot offer you the best advice – telling a trusted adult is the way forward for you in this situation. Alternatively, you can contact the CareConfidential helpline or Childline and speak to someone, but it’s very important that you are carefully looked after in this situation that you’re finding scary. Be brave – get in touch with someone as a soon as possible.

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