I'm 18 years old and panicking. I don't want to be pregnant.

I'm 18 years old and panicking. I don't want to be pregnant. I know it may sound silly but yesterday my boyfriend and I did not have any sexual intercourse [I didn't lose my virginity] but it was something else, but I am panicking because I still smell like his release, though I did take shower to clean it all out. I just want to know if it mean something because when I got home I felt weird. x Editor's Comment:- It would be very unlikely for you to have become pregnant if you have not had full sex. If your boyfriend ejaculated in the genital area there could be a remote chance but very unlikely. It would be worth ringing the national helpline and speaking to a trained advisor so that you can explain exactly what happened. Please don't feel embarrassed or 'silly' we have had others who have asked a similar question about getting pregnant without having full sex. You may have been feeling anxious and that could affect how you felt physically.

This story was sent in on 22/11/2009

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