I just read the story from the lady who experienced a painful medical abortion. Well I'm glad it wasn't just me!

By anonymous on 09/04/2007
I just read the story from the lady who experienced a painful medical abortion. Well I'm glad it wasn't just me! I was shocked by the experience, the staff at the centre were nice enough but in no way whatsoever did they prepare me for what it was like.

I had the first oral tablet and returned 48 hrs later for a second pill (also taken orally). They gave me the choice of staying there or going home, I decided to go home. They said I should leave asap and basically hurry up and get home. I should have got suspicious then. We had a drive home which should’ve taken about 30 mins but we hit some traffic and it took a bit longer. About 10 mins into the journey I started getting a mild period pain which rapidly progressed until I was having what felt like full blown labour pain (or so I imagine as it was so bad, I’ve never given birth...). Also, the drug made me very shaky, tingly - my arms were going numb and I felt generally like my body was going numb and I couldn’t really move. I was sunk down into the passenger seat of the car, in a world of my own, groaning, and my poor boyfriend was almost in tears, trying to get me home as quickly as possible and thinking that I was dying or something!

When we got home I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out the car. I felt so weak and awful I could hardly walk. By the time I was in the house I was regaining control, the bleeding started soon after and the pain went. At first I had to change sanitary towels every 30 mins to an hour. The bleeding gradually slowed down and stopped about 10 days later. You do get big clots and stuff coming out though. It’s not a pleasant experience. I remember a few days later, I think, we were at the pub with some work colleagues and I went to the toilet. As I sat down on the way back I felt a largish clot come out of me into my knickers. Sorry to be graphic but that’s the reality.

If I had to have another abortion (but after that experience I wouldn’t), I would never have a medical one, nor would I recommend it to anyone. I feel lied to in some way. At no point did anyone suggest the experience would be like that.

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Medical terminations are more common now (about a quarter of all terminations in England and Wales) and stories like yours help other women to understand what it can be like. You don’t say anything about what led you to this decision or how you felt emotionally about it but if you ever need any support in any way, then please contact a centre for post-abortion support. Thank you again for telling your story.

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