I had the medical abortion yesterday, I was 6 weeks and 6 days gone

I went on the Monday for the first tablet, there was no bleeding just slight cramps.

Then I went back Wednesday and had the 4 tablets put up inside me.

After the 1st tablet I felt so guilty I was contemplating not going back but I decided it were for the best.

After the 4 tablets were put in I was told to go and sit down for an hour (my hospital you stayed for the whole abortion).

I had cramps which were just like bearable period pain & was being sick, which was a side effect of the tablet.

The nurse then told me to stand up and go for a walk as all the other girls had started to bleed but hadn't passed the pregnancy and I hadn't even bled.

As soon as i got to the end of the corridor I just felt something basically fall out of me, (I'm sorry that's a horrible way to put it). I went back, went to change myself and there was the fetus.

It didn't upset me I just popped it in the bowl and gave it to the nurse! There was hardly any bleeding and an hour later I could go home.

This morning I feel fine, hardly any bleeding and best decision I ever made, I think I was scared of the pain.

Everybody is different though, some girls bled and bled, & the fetus still hadn't passed & mine took 2½ hours & now I'm fine!

This story was sent in on 14/07/2011

Editor's comment

Thanks for sharing your experience, and how it affected you.

I wonder why you felt guilty when you had taken the first tablet, but then seeing the fetus did not upset you? You don't tell us what happened beforehand, but perhaps you had been prepared for what you might see.

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