I thought for a month before deciding to get an abortion.

I was recently getting over a break up. I made the wrong decision of getting with my exs friend, we began having sex all unprotected, which was another bad choice. But then one night we were both drinking and we had sex again unprotected. We then stopped talking soon after. I was worried about being pregnant so I took a test, it had come up negative the first time. Then my period became almost a month late, I took another test and it was positive, I couldn't believe this was happening. I didn't even talk to the guy anymore. So I told him and I thought for about a month on what the best decision was. I was supposed to start college in the fall and he was constantly at work. I changed my mind almost everyday... I then finally made the decision to get an abortion. I'll never forget that day...it was the worst day of my life. I wanted to change my mind so bad, but it was too late. I still think about what could have been if I would have been strong enough to raise my baby. As someone who has gone through this experience I say go with your heart...abortion is not wrong, it's just not right for everyone.

Editor's Comment

It is often hard to admit that you have made bad choices, but good to acknowledge them and learn from your mistakes, even when they are very painful lessons to learn. Everyone takes risks. I think if you got pregnant every time you had sex, people might be more careful! But because you often get away with it, many people do risk unprotected sex and hope they won't get caught out. Unfortunately a lot of women do fall pregnant taking the risk. The fact that you took so long to make your decision suggests that you were agonising over it, and finding the choices really hard. I hope you will access some help to support you through your post abortion recovery.
This story was sent in on 03/10/2011

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