Here's some advice if you're finding waiting for an EMA difficult

By anonymous on 22/08/2012
medical abortion abortion 5 weeks

I want to share my experience with you as I spent many hours trawling through websites looking for answers to my questions. Unfortunately some sites are inappropriate. If you are reading this then you are in a good place.

I had the EMA yesterday at 5 weeks and 3 days (Very early) If like me you are finding the waiting the hardest part then here is some advice that might help you. On reflection it did for me.

Keep yourself busy Carry on as much as you can with your daily activities.

(I kept up the gym and dance classes) Find someone you can trust to talk to, things are so much better when shared.

I had four misoprostol inserted yesterday at 10.30am after having the first oral tablet the day before.

I had no symptoms when I took this first tablet. I took Ibuprofen 200mg and 2 paracetamol straight away and went home to rest and wait... again :-)

Bleeding & Cramping started at 3pm and it was then that I took 2 codeine.

The pain increased about 7pm as did the bleeding. I experienced a painful feeling like indigestion and this was really uncomfortable. It might have something to do with all the medicine I was taking.

I did think I would bleed much more than I did yesterday and I have so far not seen any clotting, but this may be because I am early and often the clots are within the blood or absorbed into the pads.

I personally found sitting on the toilet comfortable it just felt natural for my body to push the blood out and ease cramping.

I took myself to bed about midnight making sure I took pain relief. More codeine and ibuprofen and lots of water.

Today is day two.

The cramping has eased and it feels similar to period pains. I have only had ibuprofen today.

The bleeding has increased for me but so far it is tolerable. I know things are still early for me and I pray that it has worked. My boobs feel a bit better and something feels different. I don't feel pregnant.

Find support from friends or family or professionals. Rest as much as you can on the day Drink plenty of fluids and eat as much chocolate as you desire. Lots of love

Editor's comment

Thanks for your advice which all sounds helpful. As you say I think an early medical abortion at 5 weeks will be less painful than having one at 9 weeks. I agree that support is all important, please contact a centre for more support or help if needed.

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