They all tried to persuade me into having an abortion

Hi, I am 15 and I had an abortion last month.

My boyfriend and parents said they wanted me to have an abortion. They all tried to persuade me to have an abortion and they did persuade me.

It was the worst thing I did and I wish I hadn't had one. I can't even go near little children/babies because it makes me upset.

I have been crying most days since then and feel I have no help. I don't want to go to a counsellor because I hate crying in front of people and I know I am going to cry basically as soon as I get in.

This story was sent in on 23/10/2007

Editor's comment

Thank you for sharing your story… you really are in a lot of pain, aren’t you?

You seem to be struggling with regret. Being unable to be near babies and children is quite a common response after an abortion, so you’re not alone in that.

I know you feel as if you don’t want to see a counsellor and cry in front of her, but the fact is that you are in pain and tears are one way of releasing pain. Our advisors are quite used to tears and pain so you will not need to feel embarrassed about that.

Be kind to yourself now and seek the help you need because you are very young and this is difficult to carry all by yourself. If you can find a little more courage use the following link to find a centre for free and confidential post-abortion help and support.

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