Abortion is not easy but it doesn't have to be hard either

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Two weeks ago to my horror I discovered that I was pregnant. I am 21 years old, and have, now realized foolishly, been using the pull out method for almost 3 years without an issue until recently. I thought I was infertile, to be honest.

After a week of crying and having a series of mental breakdowns about what to do, I knew in my heart I would not be able to bring a life into this world at this time. It was an extremely painful decision but one that I do not regret making. Now, off to the experience.

I went to Planned Parenthood and got an internal ultrasound (not as bad as it sounds, didn't hurt just felt weird) and discovered I was 6 weeks along.

They then pricked my finger to test if I had positive or negative blood. If you have negative they give you a shot I believe, but mine was positive so I was good.

They went over everything in detail and were very polite and nonjudgemental. There were also a lot of other girls in the waiting room and we just chatted and it felt really good to not feel alone in this.

I was then given the first pill and instructed to take the next set of 4 24-48 hours after.

The next day I took an oxycodone 30 mg pill (Planned Parenthood did not prescribe this, it was a leftover from a surgery) and my anti-nausea tablet. 30 minutes later I stuck the 4 pills under my cheeks and gums and waited 30 minutes.

As soon as they dissolved I started to feel a pain that was pretty intense but nothing that I haven't felt from a bad period before. I laid in my bed with a heating pad and the lights off and shook in pain for 20 minutes while I bled very lightly.

After the 20 minutes though, the cramps lightened up to almost nothing. I was in shock because in most of the stories I read people were saying they were in pain for HOURS. I was only in pain for 20 minutes and my cramps never returned.

I started to bleed more heavily and started to have more clots. I didn't see anything too big, they say that they can be as big as a lemon but honestly, the clots were nothing I haven't seen from a period before. I didn't look down in the toilet I would just release them and flush.

Again while this was happening I felt no pain. I didn't throw up, never got a fever, and didn't have diarrhea.

I went to bed with my heating pad on low with barely any pain and woke up the next morning feel relieved. I am still bleeding a day later but it's a lot less blood.

Overall the experience was not bad or traumatizing AT ALL. Honestly, if I didn't know what was going on I would have thought it was a regular period.

Do not believe everything you read online, most of the time people are more willing to share horror stories than positive ones. I had a really easy abortion.

In terms of the emotional part, everyone is different but don't ever feel guilty for making a choice that you know in your heart is right for you.

Abortion is not easy but it doesn't have to be hard either.

This story was sent in on 22/06/2015

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