With 4 children I knew an abortion was something I didn't want to do

I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after I had taken the morning after pill (I took the morning after pill 12 hours after having intercourse, as the condom had split during it).

As we have 4 children it was a tough decision to make, I think I spent around four weeks trying to decide with my husband. I knew it was something I didn't want to do but knew it was the right thing for all of us as a family. It was as though my head was in one place an my heart was in another, so it was very confusing. Anyway, I made my choice and my husband and a few close family members were supporting me through it.

I first went to the hospital after making an appointment 1 week beforehand.

They scanned me to see how far along the pregnancy was and I then saw the doctor who asked me a million questions about my health to why I was there that day.

I then went and saw the nurse and she gave me the first tablet you take for a medical abortion (I chose this method as I wanted to be at home with my husband). I was told to come back 2 days later and that's when I'd receive the second lot.

The first lot didn't do anything, no sickness or pain like I'd read on here beforehand.

I went back 2 days later and received my second lot of treatement and was there no longer than 30 mins. I went straight home already wearing a pad just in case.

My partner sent me to bed to rest and he looked after the children. I took 2 paracetemol and 1 ibuprofen.

Around 1 hour later I could feel period-like pains, nothing major, not painful to the point were I couldn't move, it was just uncomfortable. I can only explain them as afterpains after having a baby, only slightly worse.

That continued for around 5 hours, in that time I slept, watched TV, had a small bight to eat, went to the toilet 3 times and bled out what I believe was the fetus.

After those 5 hours I continued to bleed not too heavy, just like period, and all pain had gone. I still had cramping like a usual period but it had gone. That night I took 4 antibiotics and went to sleep.

I've been fine since.

It wasn't a nice thing to have to do and I hope to never be in a situation like that again. I can understand why some people find it so traumatizing, as mentally it can make the whole process much much worse.

Because I knew I was doing the right thing for my family and myself I haven't regretted it, I'll never forget it but I know I'll never regret it also.

So I recommend only to have an abortion if you are absolutely certain it's what you want, that way the process will be much easier, if you're not certain then always wait until you are.

This story was sent in on 29/07/2015

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