I wanted to share my positive story with those considering abortion

By Beth on 11/01/2019
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Positive 2019 medical abortion story with BPAS Leicester.

So I found out I was pregnant as I was very sick and exhausted. Basically, I have always been very negative minded about abortions, not against them, but never thought I would have one.

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When I found out about this pregnancy I was gutted, I already had three children and I had not long returned to work from maternity leave after an awful pregnancy and delivery.

I decided abortion was something I wanted to do as I couldn't afford another £500 a month nursery fee or a bigger car or house that would have had to be done within the space of 7 months.

My first appointment with BPAS took one week. The day arrived and I was anxious and of course questioning myself. I arrived at the Leicester branch where there were lots of women in the waiting room of all different ages.

The nurse brought me into a private room asked me questions about my medical history etc (usual medical history questions), she then did my medical obs height and weight, then I had a scan that measured me at 6 weeks and four days.

The nurse then told me my options and I decided to have a medical abortion the same day. I signed the paperwork and was told that they needed a Dr to sign my consent form which could take an hour.

I went and got some food and some pads before I then came back. Waiting an hour and a half basically full of dread and reading horror stories online.

The nurse then called me in, had a chat with me, and made sure it's what I wanted. I assured her it was, signed more forms. Then I had one tablet. She asked if I would like an anti-sickness as sometimes it can make you sick so I did, then had four tablets vaginally.

She explained this is what causes the body to start cramping and it takes approx 2/4 hours to work, some people before, some after, but as long as I started to bleed within 24 hours that was normal.

I was discharged to go home and I drove home about half an hour away.

I got home and I felt fine. I had a cup of tea and went to bed. I felt just exhausted so I took myself for a nap. I couldn't sleep as you're waiting for something to happen. I then became just really cold and shivery. I then thought I needed the toilet and I had quiet bad diarrhoea for about 20 minutes then lots of blood - it was the start.

I took the tablets the nurse had given me as they were quite strong cramps - so two paracetamol 100 mg, then two codeine 60 mg, this helped - still not comfortable but better.

Eventually, I felt like I needed to push and that's when a big red clot came out, I assume this was the pregnancy. I instantly felt much better and my cramps really calmed down. All together it only took about 4 and a half hours and about an hour and a half where it wasn't pleasant but manageable.

It's now the day after and I felt fine but slightly weak. I'm hardly bleeding, less than my period. I have had a headache but assume that's the hormones. I'm a bit emotional, just because I feel guilty, however, I know right now the choice was right for me - if I was to have another baby I wouldn't be able to afford my house and the car. I wouldn't not be able to go back to work as I would then be paying a £1000 pound a month just for nursery fees.

It's been an emotional long road that I will make sure I never have to go through again but I just wanted to share my positive story with those who are considering abortion - it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The BPAS team at Leicester was truly amazing.

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