I'm not 100% sure it's his and don't know if I should have an abortion

By anonymous on 05/07/2007

I've been trying for a baby with my partner for several months.

Stupidly, I had a one night stand with an ex boyfriend 5 days before my ovulation date, and then my boyfriend the day before ovulation.

My ex partner withdrew and did not ejaculate inside me when we slept together.

I've now discovered I am 4 weeks pregnant and whilst I am pretty sure that the baby is my boyfriend’s, I am not 100%.

I am absolutely distraught and I don’t know if I should have an abortion. I bitterly regret doing what I did.

What are the chances that the baby is my ex’s?

I realise that I have been incredibly stupid.

Editor’s note:

It’s not easy to be sure of ovulation dates and, if you haven’t already, you need to take medical advice from your GP or NHS Direct.

Paternity testing can be done after birth, but that will be too late for you to resolve your current emotional difficulties around this pregnancy.

I think you need to talk this through with a trained advisor at your nearest centre. Having been trying for a baby and now considering abortion is a heart-wrenching dilemma in itself. Some support would be helpful right now as this uncertainty is affecting you deeply.

Talking it through with someone who understands will help you come to a place of peace with yourself. You can find your nearest centre on this page.

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