As a health professional I was aware of the options available to me

By anonymous on 21/12/2010
medical abortion abortion 6 weeks

I found out I was pregnant very early on (4 weeks).

The pregnancy was unplanned. I am a single parent with 2 children and had been seeing someone for several months. My partner and I both agreed that we weren't going to continue with the pregnancy for a number of reasons.

As a health professional I was aware of the options available to me. I was referred to my local hospital following a visit to my GPs surgery. It was 2 weeks between my doctors appt and referral to hospital.

At my first appt I was given a scan and was found to be 6 weeks pregnant.

I was given information on the medical termination of pregnancy

I was asked to come back the following day where I would have some blood taken, and be given an oral tablet that would stop the pregnancy hormone therefore not allowing the pregnancy to progress any further.

Following the oral tablet I didn't feel any side effects, although there was only 17 hours between taking it and my next day appt.

I was admitted to the ward at 8am and shown to my room. It was discussed with my partner and I about the procedure that would follow. My blood pressure, temperature and pulse was taken.

I then had 4 Misoprostal tablets inserted vaginally and a pain killing suppository and antibiotic suppository. I then had to lie on my bed for 30 mins to allow the tablets to be absorbed. I was told that walking around would help move things along once I was able to get up.

I never felt any effects from the tablets until around 2 and a half hours after insertion. The pain was bearable and can only be described as a period like cramp that was slightly more intense.

I was told to use bedpans whenever I used the toilet. Once the cramps had begun I started to bleed slightly and I passed a few clots. I was determined I wasn't going to look at any of the bedpans. The nurse came in and removed the bedpans and would inform me if she found the pregnancy sac which is what they looked for at my stage of pregnancy.

Around an hour after the pains began I passed a further clot and the nurse informed me that this was the pregnancy sac. I was given some co-codamol at this point and told to lie on the bed for 30mins to get some rest.

I was feeling quite emotional, sore and tired

I was allowed to go home after my rest and the nurse explained that the cramps may last up to 48hrs and the bleeding up to 3weeks.

Overall my experience wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had read several stories on this site beforehand and have to admit a few of them were a bit daunting.

My partner was extremely supportive and was allowed to be with me throughout the whole process which made a big difference.

I am now day 1 post medical Top and I am still bleeding like a heavy period, I have passed a few further clots but nothing like what I was in the hospital. The cramps have stopped and I am taking it easy but overall I feel well.

I hope my experience will help others who are about to go through a similar experience.

Editor's comment

Thanks for writing your experience of an early medical abortion. It sounded as though you coped well and had the support and help from your partner that you needed. It is more difficult to cope when the decision has been a difficult one, or when there is no support from a partner, family, or friends. Your account also highlights the differences in pain experienced, and as you say some women write of extreme pain and distress during the process. If at any time you feel that you need post-abortion support, or feel that you need to process some of your thoughts and feelings, please look for a centre in your area.

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