I was nearly 12 weeks - I feel a constant guilt inside of me

I'm sixteen and regret the abortion I had just under three weeks ago. I was nearly 12 weeks and I feel a constant guilt inside of me.

Whenever I'm alone my thoughts drift and I think about what I did.

I didn't instantly regret it as I convinced myself it's for the best.

It probably was for the best as I just left school and start a beauty course at college in September, and my boyfriend just finished college and is going to University.

My boyfriend was a massive support, although he couldn't be with me when I had it done, my mother was.

Me and my boyfriend went into town yesterday and all we saw were babies, everywhere.

Whether it was a pregnant woman, or an actual baby, they were everywhere. And I couldn't help but stare and say 'aw' as so did he.

This story was sent in on 21/06/2011

Editor's comment

It is a difficult situation to be in at 16 when you are still at college and have no money coming in. I can understand the dilemma you and your boyfriend were faced with.

It sounds as though your hearts were longing for one thing but your heads were telling you it would not work out.

The problem is that afterwards, the pain comes from your heart response, even when you tell yourself it would have been very difficult to continue the pregnancy.

If you would like some help and support to think through your thoughts and feelings please contact a centre - find a centre for post-abortion support in your area.

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