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570 views 2 year old twins and pregnant again. Read story 609 views A letter to my baby girl. Read story 957 views A surgical abortion under sedation. Read story 455 views I still feel guilt, sadness, and as time goes by I start to feel regret. Read story 489 views I had a medical abortion due to a brain abnormality Read story 548 views A letter to the baby I lost Read story 635 views I had my abortion today I was approximately 6 weeks pregnant Read story 638 views A letter to my baby Read story 1,576 views A medical abortion at 5 weeks. Read story 451 views A regreted medical abortion. Read story 3,961 views I had a surgical abortion at Marie stopes in Reading today under sedation. Read story 673 views I am 19 and had a medical abortion today at 7 weeks Read story 656 views I didn't want to ruin MY life. Read story 543 views How could I terminate my baby when it hurt so much to lose the 2 we had already lost. Read story 369 views 3 unwanted abortions Read story 718 views We broke up after I had an abortion. Read story 374 views I was eighteen years old when I found out I was pregnant. Read story 477 views I should have been 27 week pregnant with my second child instead I've got a empty hole. Read story 668 views A difficult medical abortion Read story 629 views I had an abortion 21 years ago, aged 24 and it still hurts as much today as it did back then. Read story 644 views We opted for the medical abortion Read story 632 views I had an abortion at 23, I was 19 weeks Read story 552 views I had no choice but to end my pregnancy Read story 474 views I was talked into abortion by my new boyfriend Read story 849 views A story of baby loss, abortion and subsequent infertility problems. Read story

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