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524 views A couple of days ago I had an abortion Read story 679 views I knew I was going to fall pregnant as soon as I'd had unprotected sex. Read story 912 views An abortion at 38 years old Read story 1,407 views I had to have an abortion when I was 15 years old Read story 639 views A 17 year old who had an abortion at 10 weeks Read story 4,103 views Why do I feel so bad after my medical abortion at 10 weeks? Read story 877 views A surgical abortion at 5 weeks and 6 days Read story 1,023 views I had an abortion at 10 weeks and had the pill and pessary Read story 529 views A second posting 19 months after the termination. Read story 872 views A medical abortion at 6 weeks after a one night stand Read story 1,639 views I regret my abortion hugely; I could've managed, but felt scared Read story 808 views A regretted third abortion after suffering depression Read story 832 views I wish you could understand the pain that haunts you afterwards Read story 60,826 views I'm 30 & today had a medical abortion at 6 weeks pregnancy Read story 4,590 views An 11-weeks surgical abortion after a gender test revealed a girl Read story 180,151 views 5 week medical abortion without the expected excruciating pain Read story 5,359 views I had an abortion due to fetal abnormality but he looked perfect Read story 633 views My miscarriage felt like payback for my past mistake. Read story 439 views Oh how I wish I had done something different. Read story 371 views Termination after being pressurised into a sexual relationship Read story 632 views A medical termination because of birth defect fears Read story 560 views A medical abortion for fetal disability Read story 776 views A medical abortion of a planned baby. Read story 1,960 views I am 19 weeks pregnant, and was going through with the abortion. Read story 563 views A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved Read story

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