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Abortion stories that mention Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization providing abortion services and healthcare in the United States.

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Surgical abortion might've been better knowing what I know now

I wanted to share my story, since googling stories of other woman who had gone through some of the experiences and emotions I was feeling, was incredibly helpful to me during the entire process. I I ... Read more

My medical abortion at 7 weeks - this is what happened

My period is always on time, if not just one day late or early. This time...was not the case. I was 6 weeks pregnant and the thought of being pregnant to a guy that I just started dating was a ... Read more

I had a surgical abortion at 16 and am facing the same at 22

I had an abortion back in 2008 when I was 16 years old. I didn't think I was ready, I knew I wasn't ready to be responsible for a child's life. I was young and scared. Scared my mother would be I ... Read more

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