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Abortion stories that mention Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organization providing abortion services and healthcare in the United States.

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In my mind, I wasn't murdering one tiny innocent child, but two

I found out I was pregnant at 18, just one month before I was set to start my freshman year of college. I took a test 10 days after my missed period and it came back instantly positive. I was in I ... Read more

My advice to any one about to go through this process

I'm 18 years old and I have just taken the abortion pills. I've been reading other women's stories and while I found a few similar to my experience. I took the first pill mifoprex orally I I ... Read more

An abortion at 13 weeks after Chiari Malformation diagnosis

I had an abortion 7/16/2015.I am 24yrs old & I have a 6yr old.I never thought I would have another child soon. I was focused on doing things right this time.I was on birth part time to I ... Read more

Read this if you're considering medical abortion and are scared

PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A MEDICATED ABORTION AND ARE SCARED. Two weeks ago to my horror I discovered that I was pregnant. I am 21 years old, and have, now realized foolishly, ... Read more

I was pregnant & shocked - I'd been on birth control for months

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant.. I was shocked. Ive been on birth control for the past several months after having my daughter 8 months ago. I told my boyfriend of course he I ... Read more

2 abortions within 6 mths - if you're not ready, you're not ready

Hello, I've had 2 abortions within half a year. The first one occurred February 29, 2015 and the second one is happened tomorrow on June 2, 2015. The first time I found I was pregnant, I was ... Read more

My failed medical abortion at Planned Parenthood in Texas

I posted this story on another website to a girl inquiring about whether it was better to have a medication-induced abortion, or a surgical one. I'm simply going to copy-paste my entry on the other I ... Read more

My conscious sedation surgical abortion at Planned Parenthood

Today I had an abortion. Prior to this procedure I spent hours online trying to educate myself so I would be able to not only be informed, but also make the best choices for my body. I gained so much ... Read more

I'm 20-yrs-old and need a second abortion 6 mths after the first

Six months ago, I got pregnant from some creep at work and had an abortion. I told my boyfriend it was probably just from us not being as careful. So, it was October I had an abortion and ... Read more

Neglecting the consequences of my actions led to an abortion

My story is nothing new. It's happened to millions of girls just like me. I think it's probably par for the course for most young women- especially those of us in our early twenties- to be so in in I ... Read more

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